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Letters to the Editor


That's a WAP

I read with great surprise and confusion Joshua Curry's May 14 story "WAP-ping Off," especially as it grouped Playboy with another men's WAP site which we never would consider a competitor nor even remotely relevant in comparison. Although I would agree that "Playboy offers by far the most diverse and bandwidth-specific collections," I am puzzled where he researched his story as Playboy does not offer any adult content of any kind on our WAP site, nor have we begun yet using video.

As one of the most iconic and powerful consumer brands in the world, we constantly challenge ourselves to offer more interactive experiences for our customers across all platforms. That said, we pride ourselves on our innovation and simply request that consumers, especially journalists, actually experience our fantastic new offerings before making assumptions.

Had Mr. Curry spent any time on Playboy's still-evolving WAP site, he would have been able to enjoy non-nude content stemming from our lifestyle-based initiatives, including Miss Playboy Mobile 2008; mobile-specific features such as "Battle of the Sexiest" which invites visitors to rank their favorite celebrities; "Playboy Advisor," which offers candid perspectives on sex, dating, and other lifestyle topics; and "Reviews," which makes expert recommendations pertaining to men's interests such as cars, liquor, gadgets, movies, books, and music. In fact, even at first glance it is clear that the Playboy WAP site is reflective of Playboy Mobile's 2008 strategy to deliver new lifestyle-inspired content and applications that better expand and integrate into our consumers' everyday lives.

Ed Lang
Senior Vice President and General Manager
Mobile and International Online
Playboy Media Group

Joshua Curry responds: "Playboy does not offer any adult content of any kind on our WAP site." I beg to differ. Despite the lack of streaming video of flapping vajayjays, the content at Playboy is no less carnal. With columns on clitoris manipulation, hard liquor reviews, direct links to Playmate galleries (barely clad, but no less naughty), in my opinion Playboy is indeed focusing on adult content. I actually did spend time with and bookmarked it for future visits.

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