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Obama IS Cool as a Cucumber

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Sen. Lindsey Graham has said on national TV that President Obama should get off TV and go into the meeting room. I say why? I believe that what he is doing is a good thing because by making himself available to the various media outlets, he is keeping us (the average Americans) informed as to what his administration is trying to accomplish.

Both President Bushes (father and son) never really kept us informed about anything. Their attitudes appeared to be my way or the highway! Their meetings were probably held in the White House basement with Dick Cheney doing all the talking.

I think President Obama should be applauded for opening his heart and mind to the country (no veils, no deceptions).

As for Rep. Joe Wilson, I think the criticism he has received is warranted because of his lack of respect for the president and the body of which he is a part of. I believe as our president stated in his interview that Wilson's outburst, through disrespectful, was not so much racially motivated, but something he will use in the future for other aspirations he may have politically. He made his 15 seconds of fame!

This is why I say our leader is cool as a cucumber when it comes to taking on those who would disrespect him or oppose him because of his policies or his race.

Earl Wilson


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