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A Monopoly on Reason


In "Rediscovering Christianity," Will Moredock shows Colin Kerr to be the kind of Christian that secular humanists could love. ("Colin Kerr says the GOP has no monopoly on religion," Oct. 14) However, I'm puzzled by Kerr's tallying of God's votes. Does he really think homosexuality is OK because the Bible only has five verses that condemn it? How many verses would it take for him to reverse positions? The Bible has many more passages in support of slavery, with nary a verse that condemns it.

Either there is a god who is responsible for what is in the Bible, or there isn't. If there is, as conservative Christians believe, then it only takes one passage to condemn an action or an entire class of people. If there isn't, as secular humanists believe, then one should pick and choose only those parts of the Bible or any other book that makes sense. Kerr appears to focus on passages where God behaves like a secular humanist, and ignores the rest. Good for him.

Moredock described Kerr's journey from conservative to liberal Christian. Perhaps Kerr is on a slippery slope that will lead him to secular humanism. If so, I would be the first to welcome him into the fold.

Herb Silverman
Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry

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