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LIST: All the Charleston locations in Righteous Gemstones season one

From Citadel Mall to KOA Campground


Here we are, a week removed from the first season of Rough House Pictures' The Righteous Gemstones. For those in Charleston and the surrounding areas, the filming of the show about a family of televangelists ensconced in scandal has been virtually unavoidable.  Maybe you knew a few of the extras that made it into the popular HBO show starring Danny McBride, John Goodman, Edi Patterson, and Adam Devine. Maybe you had a friend who drunkenly harangued a cast member with Kenny Powers lines while said actor was out getting drinks at one of our many eateries. Or maybe you knew a person that worked behind-the-scenes adding a little beauty and authenticity to the show’s mega-churches.

It may be possible you even had a family member whose home was used as a location on the recently renewed program. That’s where this article comes into play. At the request of Rough House Pictures, there are quite a few locations that won’t be mentioned — mostly private residences and areas throughout Johns Island, Ridgeville and the more industrial areas of North Charleston.

Let’s take a relatively spoiler-free trip down Gemstone locations memory lane. At least the first season of it...
  • Ryan Green/HBO
Whirlin’ Waters Adventure Waterpark
Right out the gate the first scene of a beautiful baptismal that soon becomes chaotic was shot at the waterpark in the Wannamaker County Park.

Berkeley Country Club
There are plenty of places in this fair city to play golf. This Moncks Corner location is the one Eli Gemstone (Goodman) chose to take his ne’er do well brother-in-law Billy (Walton Goggins) consistently de-balling Judy Gemstone’s (Patterson) man, BJ (Tim Baltz).

Atlantic Aviation
Sure, you could use this private facility just to land your fancy Christian themed planes after going on mission trips in foreign lands but why not use it to also trade insults with your siblings?
  • Ryan Green/HBO
North Charleston Coliseum
One spot that will be instantly recognizable to most Charlestonians will be the Gemstones mega-church stage as well as its exterior and adjoining spots like the studios, backstage area, prayer room, and Salvation Center.

Hill-Rom Building
The North Charleston office building doubled as some of the smaller interiors of the Gemstone headquarters, like Eli Gemstone’s office.

Citadel Mall
Sure, to many viewers it may just be Independence Mall/ Locust Grove Prayer Center /Sanctuary and one-time stage for the late Amy Leigh Gemstone (Jennifer Nettles) but to West Ashleyians it is known solely as the Citadel Mall (which gets referenced in the final episode).

Woodlands Inn
This popular Summerville mansion turned into upscale hotel doubled as the home of the Nancy family, one of whom needs serious saving.   Aviation Square parking lot
One of the best places ever to stage a blackmail attempt of the Gemstones’ favorite son, Jesse (McBride) is this nondescript parking lot in North Charleston. You have a nearby South Carolina Federal Credit Union for all your banking needs as well as Virginia College for schooling ... oops they’re closed. Scratch that, the most important place is RimTyme for all your rim and tire needs. Fun fact: Rimtyme has a video camera perched atop its building to record aforementioned blackmail attempts. (Actually, Rimtyme recently moved to Ashley Phosphate too.)

Motel 6
Say that blackmail attempt were to hit a snag or someone gets a life-threatening injury, there is no place better to visit than the Gateway Motor Lodge off of Sam Rittenberg.

Charleston KOA Campground
Or you could also visit the Ladson campgrounds to work on those pesky blackmail plans and discuss that debaucherous video you saw involving a celebrity, hookers, and blow.

Early Bird Diner
And if that campground location doesn’t work there’s always everyone’s favorite West Ashley diner.
  • Ryan Green/HBO
Liberty Taproom
You love steak? You should visit Jason’s Steakhouse (a.k.a. Liberty Taproom). They have a great menu and offer creative twists on American fare as well as a lovely dining area for private parties and the Lord’s favorite family. You should visit this place... oh wait. It’s closed and will become an event space. Never mind that thing about the steak.
Eternal Father of the Sea
This popular wedding venue doubled as a place of worship with a dwindling amount of followers headed by Pastor Seasons (Dermot Mulroney). The chapel that once served many of the personnel at the Charleston Navy Yard from 1942 until the shipyard closed was eventually relocated in 2015 about a mile away from its original site.

Sky Zone
One way the Gemstones keep their empire a-thriving is youth ministries headed by the ever so hip Kelvin Gemstone (Devine) and their efforts to bring the fun back into fundamentalism at this popular wall-to-wall trampoline park in Mt. Pleasant.
  • Ryan Green/HBO
Azul Mexicano
Maybe, like Keefe Chambers (Tony Cavalero), you’re already saved and want nothing more than the simple pleasures of walking, holding an ice cream cone, or longingly staring into an active Park Circle restaurant.

Piggly Wiggly
In one of the shows many chaotic scenes one Gemstone loses their proverbial shit with a grocery cart after suffering one indignity too many. This naturally leads to the happiest place on earth ....

The North Charleston Holding Cells
‘Nuff said.

With the final episode upon us, a litany of locations like the Island Breeze restaurant, Frankie’s Fun Park, the Blackwell True Value (Hanahan), and parts of Pickens/Table Rock State Park were utilized. We won’t expound further, lest we spoil any details.

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