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DJ Moo Moo hosts the weekly 'Jump Start Mondays'
  • DJ Moo Moo hosts the weekly 'Jump Start Mondays'

"Jump Start Mondays"
Mondays, beginning Feb. 5
The Pour House
1977 Maybank Hwy.

Expanding their musical horizons, the determined staff at The Pour House recently reached out into the world of hip-hop and announced plans to feature a new weekly DJ night with local regional turntablists and emcees.

While the club has demonstrated a genuine enthusiasm for booking experimental rock and funk groups that incorporate elements of hip-hop and rap into their acts, the new "Jump Start Mondays" series marks an official step in the hip-hop direction.

"The idea was to start out simply with just a DJ spinning a mix of stuff," says club co-owner and main booking agent Alex Harris. "We thought we could bring in a bunch of emcees and local and regional acts and DJs. If it goes well, we might start booking more live acts and hip-hop emcees. One of my managers recently ran into Gerry Lamar, a writer with [Columbia-based music magazine] Urban Pages. He pitched the idea of doing a DJ night at the club. We thought we'd give it a go."

The Pour House folks hope "Jump Start Mondays" will establish the venue as a hip-hop friendly venue giving emcees and DJs a solid opportunity to perform and spin in front of an appreciative crowd. Local spinner DJ Moo Moo knows how to work the hip-hop/soul/dance mix. Urban Pages knows how to cover such an event. "Gerry and I were both in agreement that the ideal situation would be a good, well-behaved crowd and a DJ spinning different styles," says Harris.

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