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The Local Music Directory: The Charleston City Paper's who's who guide to the local music scene.

In August, 2005, the Charleston City Paper music department put the call out for entries for the Music Directory. We combed through the file vaults and the teetering stacks of demo discs. We sent a slew of e-mails and phone calls to bands and solo acts. We clicked through countless websites and hundreds of pages. We fielded nasty letters and scribbled notes. We could probably do this for another year and never collect every piece of information that we need for a technically comprehensive directory of bands.

However, what we have here is a hefty, descriptive list of currently active musical acts with updated contact and website information. Our hope that this directory will serve as a useful tool for readers, writers, booking agents, club owners, radio stations, and others.

The acts listed on these pages are among the most active in the Charleston area — in the bars and clubs, in the recording studios, and in the rehearsal spaces. We hope to maintain this directory with additions or changes that come our way. Please contact us with any adjustments or news.

This directory illustrates diversity and richness of the Charleston band scene better than anything we could publish on a weekly basis. Please take a look, send us your ideas, support local music when and where you can, and rock on. Thanks!

Ballard Lesemann (music editor)

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