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Louie Dixson's Animal House

A review of the 'Louie Day & The Knights' party on Folly



Louie Day & The Knights
The Drop-In Deli
Aug. 4

It wasn't quite the Delta House at Faber College, but local jazz/funk combo The Louie D Project's Animal House party on Folly Beach managed to pull off a frat-tastic blowout, especially for a late night on hump day.

Sax player Louie D's got a stage presence unrivaled in Charleston, making liberal use of his wireless microphone to mingle with the ladies. Where other male musicians might spot a girl batting her eyes and hope she sticks around long enough to chat it up after the encore, Louie D steps right into the dance party, keeping the jam going while toga-clad coeds gyrate against him.

Billed as a birthday celebration for Folly stalwart Richard "Dickey" Brendel, who likens himself to a beach-bum Van Wilder, the spirits of Otter, Bluto, and Eric Stratton ("Rush chair, damn glad to meet you") were well represented (and the bar was well toilet-papered). The crowd sported as many "COLLEGE" shirts as togas, and a healthy contingent got into the spirit when Louie D and the band broke into the requisite "Shout!"

Throughout the night, Louie D's drummer Paul Walls proved a highlight, dropping one perfect fill after another, all the while singing harmony to the lead singer, even when he wandered to the bar or dance floor (still singing) with mic in hand. Guitarist J.R. Getches and bassist Shawn Beckner got a little louder now and a little bit softer now.

Highlight of the evening? Probably a grooving take on Stevie Wonders "Boogie on Reggae Woman." The only thing missing was "Shamalama Ding Dong," as featured in the film in a scene at the Dexter Lake Club.

Otis, my man!

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