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Man v. Food takes on Homewrecker challenge at The Joe



When the producer of Man v. Food called the City Paper offices a few months back, looking for a local food challenge that they might be able to feature on their popular Travel Network food show, we were at a loss. There was the Spicy Sushi Challenge at Bushido, but that was about all we could muster up. Chalk our brain fart up to stress, 'cause they obviously found the perfect local challenge for host Adam Richman to take on: the Homewrecker at the RiverDogs.

The Homewrecker, the big attraction over at The Joe, is a half-pound foot-long hot dog that can be topped with up to 22 items. It does indeed pose a challenge to the gastrointestinal fortitude of those that dare order one (or two). A week or so ago, we ate just one of these bad boys. The beefiness alone is enough to put you down for the afternoon, but add some jalapeños and chili to that beast, and you're done for. Wonder if he'll put all 22 toppings on his? Now that would be something to watch.

Richman and his production crew will be at the Tues. May 26 home game against Bowling Green, so if you want to cheer him on, get your tickets now.

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