Marytre w/ Soil, Tantric, and Social 66

When: Wed., April 2, 9 p.m. 2014

Marytre’s one of those bands that has flown under the radar in Charleston. By and large, it’s because they’re just a straight up hard rock band, and the Holy City has relegated most of those acts to the outer ’burbs. And so, they’ve never really been one of the most buzzed about acts in the scene, despite regularly playing around town. But with Wednesday’s performance at the Music Farm opening for Soil and Tantric, the guys in Marytre may have just scored their most high-profile gig to date. The band — David Dietze (drums), Donny Bastian (bass), and James George (vocals/guitar) — recently released a new disc, Merry Tree, that’ll give you grunge-era flashbacks. In particular, you’ll hear Nirvana and Foo inspiro-bombs. George for one is more than happy to draw from those greats. “It’s that perfect balance of power and melody, man,” he says. “The intensity of the music, catchy guitar riffs, but also haunting vocals and nice harmonies. That’s just one piece of the puzzle as far as our influences go, though.” True, true. George and company are inspired by a wealth of rock’s best, from classic acts like Hendrix and the Beatles to late MTV-era acts like Faith No More, Slayer, and the Melvins. George adds, “In bringing all these influences together, along with our own personal styles and idiosyncrasies, we make a sound that’s our own, but certainly our influences shine through, and we’re cool with that.” —Chris Haire WEDNESDAY

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