Matadero w/ Clint4 and Punks&Snakes

When: Mon., Aug. 11 2014

Americana, rock, 9 p.m.

Matadero, Spanish for slaughterhouse, is a rock band without six-string guitars. Bassist George Baerreis, pianist Sam Sfirri, drummer Ron Wiltrout, and lead vocalist Lindsay Holler hold it down just fine, though. The combination of Holler’s soulful voice, fuzz bass, and churchbell chimes creates a rich, dark, and dense experimental sound. “Matadero is definitely heavy in terms of the sound and the song themes,” Holler explains. “One of the things I really like about this band is that when we get together for a rehearsal, we really tend to workshop each song — break it apart and find out where each instrument fits best.” Unfortunately, these guys seldom get to make their magic together since Sfirri has been in school in Montreal while the rest of the crew is based in Charleston. That’s why the Royal American show is extra special for them. “If Sam was in town regularly, this would definitely be a high priority project for all of us,” Holler says. “We’ve got such an excellent and unique chemistry that we all really love.” —Kelly Rae Smith MONDAY

Price: $5

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