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Men need to step it up when dressing for events

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After more than three years of covering Charleston’s events scene — from fashion shows to art openings to fundraising galas — I’ve learned that it’s almost impossible to overdress for an event. A minimalist at heart, I often worried early in my career that a certain dress or pair of heels might be overkill for some events, always to find there was some other lady making me look like I was sporting sweats. There will inevitably be that girl rocking sequins, a vintage fur coat, ridiculously high platforms, or a stunning hat that will make everyone else wish they’d stepped it up. Ladies here know how to dress — and that’s definitely not my beef.

My beef is with many of the gentlemen who attend said events, often on the arms of said ladies, who seem to put zero effort into getting dressed. Wearing ratty T-shirts or uninspired polos, ill-fitting khakis, and sometimes even a sweaty baseball cap and/or Croakies, these men seem unworthy to squire such stylish ladies — the contrast is often laughable. That’s not to say that there aren’t stylish men in Charleston, or that I expect men to take a cue from GQ every morning. But it’s common courtesy both to your date and to the event you’re attending to make an effort with your appearance. And leave the Croakies at home.

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