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Metal Band of the Year: Godwin Falcon



Brutal is as brutal does. With songs like "Pink Sock" (check Urban Dictionary), "Whore Butt" (again with the Urban Dictionary), and "Headcrusher" (self-explanatory) in tow, Godwin Falcon has returned to reign over the CPMAs with an iron fist firmly wrapped around a cold Twisted Tea.

Falcon has preached the caustic gospel of beach metal to the Lowcountry for over seven years, and if their fanbase is any indication, the Lowcountry is listening — and participating. "You know how Donald Trump takes pleasure in taking advantage of people who don't give a fuck? So do we," says bassist Paul Pavlich. "Our fans are a wide demographic that come from a wide background, but they're all ready to do two things: dance and party." It's a true testament to the life's-a-party ethic that Godwin Falcon prides itself on. They can play an acidic, explosive track like "S.U.C.K.," but hippies, parents, old-school headbangers, and bros (just to name a few) are all accounted for at the average Falcon concert. "I don't want just metal kids at the show. That's no fun," says guitarist Creighton Jones.

That variety in listeners shouldn't come as a surprise to friends of the band. Sure, tunes like the apocalypse fantasy "Chernobyl Baby" ooze a metal-as-fuck aura, but behind the scenes, they've got more relatable stuff going on. Creighton and his wife are expecting their first child, drummer Johnathan Peace plays in a blues band, jazz band, and even a church band, guitarist Matthew Hughes is a geology grad student, frontman Brenton St. John works at Closed for Business and Holy City Brewing, and Pavlich has freelanced for the Post and Courier. "I'm not trying to be the leader of the heavy metal club," says St. John.

Since their last CPMA win in 2013, the band has been chugging away with new music, like 2014's Ape Hanger versus the World. While it's a short album, it won't have to hold fans over too much longer. More music is planned for spring of next year. Expect it to be just as eccentric, heavy, and lyrically creative as the rest of their catalog. "We're going to put a shagging part in our new song about face-fucking Lucifer," says Pavlich. If that doesn't warm your heart, then you need to check your pulse.

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