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mewithoutYou w/ Buried Beds, Imaginary Cities

When: Sun., May 20 2012

You know the scene in Fight Club where the world is blowing up, Edward Norton’s bleeding out of his neck, and the Pixies’ “Where is My Mind” is playing? That’s sort of where the members of Philly quartet were while making their fourth LP, It’s All Crazy! It’s All False! It’s All a Dream! It’s Alright. “Yeah, that’s pretty accurate,” laughs bassist Greg Jehanian. “We had some relationship stuff to work on with each other and with our significant others. For me, half the time we were getting together to write, my head and my heart weren’t there, because we were going through stuff. You kind of did your parts and left. I didn’t even know what most of the songs sounded like until it was being mixed.” Their new album Ten Stories marks not only a return to a more “head-in-the-game” collaborative process, but also to the dynamic, bristling post-punk informed rumble of earlier albums after the quieter, rootsier explorations of It’s All Crazy. Thematically, it’s a concept album about a traveling circus, not unlike a rock band, whose train goes off the tracks, forcing the varied performers (each with their own story) to fend for themselves. Naturally, the nimble-voiced frontman Aaron Weiss uses this as a leaping off point for keenly sketched portraits, fueled by a philosophical curiosity for how we go about our business each day. It’s a splendid synthesis. “When we wrote this we weren’t sure what was going to come out of us. We weren’t trying to regress to a certain sound,” Jehanian says. “We just thought, ‘Let’s be collaborative again. Let’s get back into that rhythmic drum and bass groove and those driving guitars and see what comes out.’ And it seems to be a blend of melody, but also some mood that was missing from the last album.”

Chris Parker

Price: $15, $13 (adv.)

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