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Nameless Numberhead make variety shows cool again

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We first interviewed Nameless Numberhead a year ago for the article "Gig to Gig," which profiled young creatives in Charleston. And we're here to tell you that the duo, Maari Suorsa and Henry Riggs, have made quite a mark on the city since then. They've hosted and performed their variety show, RIP City, all over town, and they recently launched another monthly show, Nameless Numberhead and Friends.

Riggs and Suorsa, who perform sketch comedy, have been dipping their feet into new territory lately, creating online videos that have been featured on Funny or Die's community page. Check out those vids for yourself by visiting May we recommend "Specials at a Restaurant?" The video, at just over two minutes, has Riggs and Suorsa describing such specials as a "lightly breaded North Atlantic Branzini fish served on a bed of Tuscan herb polenta" and "a full rack of ribs cooked on the running engine of a 1970s Volkswagen Beetle."

Riggs says that, from his experience (he and Suorsa were a part of Chicago's comedy scene for a while), variety shows are popular in larger cities, and slowly popping up in smaller ones. He's got his finger on the pulse of the Charleston comedy scene, one that he still thinks could benefit from larger audiences, of course, but also younger audiences. "The people are here," says Riggs. They just need to make an effort to attend comedy shows.

Nameless Numberhead's Charleston Comedy Fest performance features two friends: musical guest Faline and John R. Brennan and his show, Writer's Block. Brennan, a longtime Theatre 99 member who recently founded the Savannah Improv company, brings performers to the stage and narrates the story we're seeing — an original short story told in a form similar to a Twilight Zone episode — weaving in and out and manipulating the actors. The show was first performed at Theatre 99's Blast Off, a free showcase where Theatre 99 members try out new and experimental work. Head to the next Blast Off showcase on Thurs. Jan. 26 at 7:30 p.m.

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