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Neko Case cancels Music Farm Show

The songwriter takes time off in August


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The Neko Case show scheduled for Mon. Aug. 16 at the Music Farm has been canceled.

From the long waterfall of red hair that crashes down her back to that versatile voice so skillfully traversing the different landscapes between punk to indie-rock to alt-country, Case is quite literally a force of nature. The 39-year-old singer-songwriter even acknowledged as much on her most recent solo effort, Middle Cyclone, but now it seems the wind has been knocked right out of her.

After touring non-stop for 18 months, Case is calling it quits on the road, citing exhaustion as the cause for postponing her August solo dates, including the one in at the Music Farm. Her last four months have been spent touring across North America with her other band, the Canadian power-pop group The New Pornographers, supporting their latest releases, Middle Cyclone and Together. The Pornographers are scheduled to tour Europe throughout the fall, and Case is supposed to play Seattle's Bumbershoot Music Festival on Sept. 4 with the Decemberists and Bob Dylan.

An official announcement from her publicist: "Due to an overextended work schedule, singer-songwriter Neko Case sincerely regrets that she will be postponing her previously scheduled August concert dates. Having been on the road non-stop since January of 2009, Neko will be taking some time off before hitting the road again this fall. She wishes to apologize to her fans and let them know that she greatly appreciates all their support."

Music Farm manager Kristen Thompson Gastaldo confirmed that the show was postponed and might be rescheduled in the fall. Visit and for more.


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