Nightmare Sonata w/ Lizard on the Window and American Murder

When: Sat., Aug. 30 2014

rock, 8 p.m.

Greensboro-based Nightmare Sonata is known for its wild live shows. “Women have literally tried to get their heads underneath my guitar to get to my belt buckle during my sets in the past,” says the Rev. Benjamin Samedi, lead-singer and tyrant of the “world’s only voodoo horror punk band.” Frontman Samedi is backed by drummer Vega, guitarist Pork, and bassist The Lady Von Creepyshit, and are all currently hard at work on the follow-up to their 2011 EP Necrophile. “All the songs are written. I’m hoping to have the new record ready by the end of the year,” says Samedi. Close your eyes, and you could easily mistake the crew for a young Ben Weasel fronting The Misfits. However, Samedi says they draw influences from much more than punk pioneers: “Hellraiser for sure. Hellraiser III was filmed in our hometown.” Nightmare Sonata’s raucous show makes for a damn good time, although it has caused its problems, too. “I’ve been censored in South Carolina twice. Once in Rock Hill and once in Charleston,” says Samedi, who is often dressed as Bokor, a voodoo priest prevalent in Haitian lore. “To me, our live show is like a public service to The Ghede (the forgotten dead). The music itself and the energy from the crowd are the offerings.” —J. Chapa SATURDAY

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