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NUMBER & QUOTE of the Week


"Inez Tenenbaum must not speak at our Decembermeeting ... The media is going to eat us alive on this one."

Mickey Lindler, board member of the Republican First Tuesday Club, regarding Tenenbaum's scheduled appearance. Source: The State

$5.8 million

That's the amount of a recent federal grant given to the state of South Carolina to track the effectiveness of the No Child Left Behind Act. Source: U.S. Department of Education


That's South Carolina's unemployment rate for the month of October -- the third straight month of unemployment increases. Only Louisiana and Mississippi, both crippled byhurricanes, fared worse. Source: S.C. EmploymentSecurity Commission

"The person doesn't have to be in the room."

Response made by U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett (R-S.C.) to the charge that a "person" could become offended by a public official using Jesus' name during a prayer at a public meeting. Barrett is currently trying to pass a bill that would let officials pray with their minds as closed as they wish. Source: The State

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