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On Tuesday, the RiverDogs hold a night in honor of Helen McGuckin, author of a two-star Google review

Five stars


Helen, are you out there? - SAM SPENCE
  • Sam Spence
  • Helen, are you out there?
Tomorrow is Helen McGuckin Night at the RiverDogs. Who is Helen McGuckin and why does she get her own night at the RiverDogs? It's a story of love, and loss, and a two star review.
The Charleston RiverDogs love a good time, so when they received a two star Google review from Helen McGuckin that read "Just drove by, 2/5 stars," they launched a campaign to win her back. Apparently their efforts have been futile, so they're resorting to desperate measures: hosting a themed night to try to win back Helen McGuckin.

The RiverDogs have a message for Ms. McGuckin, wherever she is: "Helen, we hope this message reaches you and we promise an unforgettable night at the ballpark that we hope ends with a new review: '5/5 would do again.'"

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