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Once again, Dr. King threw the party of the year

Skinful at the strip mall


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On Saturday night, the most deserted shopping center in James Island turned into an all-out masquerade party spanning the far reaches of heaven and hell. The line to get in stretched all the way to Buffalo South, as people dressed in stock costumes got boozed off SoCo and lime in camelbacks and Bacardi in baby bottles, waiting to get felt up by security. By 1 a.m. the line was pretty hostile, but all the hocus pocus was worth it once you got inside. Provocative trapeze artists, silhouette cages, and morbid animations were projected onto the walls, creating a different aesthetic of sin in every room. Blacklights and laser beams, techno, hip-hop, and old school disco funk blasted in the warehouse, as the party raged ’til 5 in the morning.


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