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Operation Home fundraiser brings the beat to Spring Street

Extreme Makeover: Charleston Edition



The Gimme Shelter event at Eye Level Art was like many fundraisers in the Holy City. But between enjoying some tasty barbecue from Home Team and snapping some shots of attendees, I was pleased to learn that the proceeds of the night’s festivities would benefit three local homes that are in dire need of repair. And I don’t use the term “dire” lightly — trust me, I saw the slideshow and it was serious.

The open bar was well stocked with a multitude of beer and wine as well as some ridiculously sweet mojitos and frozen “Pain-killers.” In the exterior courtyard of Eye Level, tents provided some shelter for party-goers to enjoy their dinner and drinks, while inside, a trio of guitar, upright bass, and drums played calm Cuban beats. The scents of smoked chicken, some “mandatory suggested $10 donation” live hand-rolled cigars, and the frequent whiffs of Chaps Ralph Lauren set a very “I’m having a good time, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be classy about it” vibe.

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