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Organized Chaos gathers the laughs

Get It Together



2016 was not the worst year ever for the six members of Organized Chaos, made up of Andy Adkins, Stacey Bailey, David Myer, Tami Ross, Ali Slyvester, and Craig Trow. And why is that? Well the group grew by three baby boys, that's why. Somehow the busy parents still make time to bring us the LOLs, though, which we appreciate to no end.

Organized Chaos, which revels in its ironic name and wouldn't have it any other way, has been performing at Theatre 99 for about five years now. The group presents a totally improvised show for each performance, taking an audience suggestion and running with it. And Adkins says that 2016 was, for him, the best year of his life. He and wife Ali welcomed a son — and the group got some cool new experience under their belt this summer. Four (two of them were a bit too preggers to travel) of the six members traveled to New York City to perform in the Del Close Marathon, run by Upright Citizens Brigade. Movin' on up? Maybe, but we're happy to keep the tight-knit group of rabble rousers in Charleston for now. —Connelly Hardaway

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