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The Drama Queen (and King)


Webb and Cavedo put their Trust in Five Loaves Café's Snickers cheesecake
  • Webb and Cavedo put their Trust in Five Loaves Café's Snickers cheesecake
Who: Lyndsay Webb and Thomas Wilson (Will) Cavedo, both only days removed from graduating from College of Charleston's School of Theatre. They have remained behind to stage Trust, one of CofC's trilogy of plays for Piccolo Spoleto. It's about "everyone's favorite pastimes — sex, lying, and leg shaving" and as an added enticement to attend, you are advised that Trust contains "nudity, strong language, smoking, and kleptomania." Lyndsay is designing the soundtrack and directing the play but prefers acting: "taking orders rather than giving them." After completing her commitments locally, Lyndsay plans to return to the D.C. area and audition for several theatre companies. Will, who hails from Anderson, S.C., was like many of us in high school, wandering aimlessly and friendless until he auditioned for a drama class, relying upon dialogue he memorized from Batman Forever to break into the circle. In Trust he plays Cody Brown, an anti-hero. He loves theatre's larger-than-life personality. "It takes us out of the daily routine, our petty and mundane concerns." Will's main concern — following his performance in King Lear here in late August — is to make his way to Chicago and audition for several theater troupes and perhaps comedy improvisation groups, for which Chicago is justly famous.

Favorite Lunch Spot: Five Loaves Café at 43 Cannon St. Lyndsay lunches here often because she lives nearby, can order quality dishes under $10, several of her classmates work here, and she likes the half-price bottles of wine offered Tuesday and Friday nights. Will, who does not live nearby, comes here for the good food at low prices, plus he digs the scene, especially the continually changing artwork that decorates the walls.

Favorite Dish: Lyndsay says it is hard to say as the specials change daily, but if she had to choose one dish, it would be "pine nut-encrusted pork loin over parmesan polenta cake with grilled asparagus, golden raisins, and light blue cheese cream." She recommends the excellent Riesling to accompany the entrees. Will prefers the Ultimate BLT: smoked bacon, cheddar, thick sliced tomatoes, and basil mayo (lettuce not worth mentioning, I suppose). As he says, "It's hard to mess up a sandwich." Both thespians are thin and toyed a bit with their food — that is, until the Snickers cheesecake arrived — for them definitely a satisfying and cathartic final act. —Roy Freedman

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