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Pastured Poultry Week Kick Off

When: July 7-13 2014

Back in the day, no one cared if the beef you ate was grass-fed or not. Now, it’s everywhere, and Pastured Poultry Week wants to do the same with chicken. But instead of what the meat eats, it’s about where the birds are raised — in a field rather than a cage or indoors. “Pastured Poultry Week is about shining a spotlight and celebrating the virtues of pasture-raised chickens,” explains Leah Garces from Compassion in World Farming. “It’s better for the environment, better for animal welfare, better for farmers, and better for our health. It’s a win-win situation.” This year is Pastured Poultry’s first in Charleston — it started in Atlanta in 2012 — and already has a slew of top chefs participating, including Mike Lata of FIG and Sean Brock from Husk and McCrady’s. Other restaurants include Slightly North of Broad, High Cotton, Fish, Xiao Bao Biscuit, Butcher & Bee, Oak Steakhouse, Black Bean Company, Indaco, The Grocery, The Granary, EVO, and Edmund’s Oast. The participating eateries will feature a dish that highlights the pasture-raised poultry on their menus. And they’ve tapped Keegan-Fillion Farms and Greenbriar Farms to provide the birds.

Melissa Tunstall

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