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I recently went to a happy hour hosted by Coastal Conservation League at their East Bay Street office. Lots of people brought their instruments and had an impromptu singalong. I also stopped by the Holiday Inn for Folly Star Quest, a week-long American Idol-esque contest to find the best karaoke singer around. I was impressed with the singers, and the people-watching was superb. LEEP (the Lowcountry Environmental Education Program) was on the porch at Juanita Greenberg’s passing out reusable grocery bags and some friends and I went by and got one and hung out for a while. On Thursday afternoon, I got my weekend started a little early at the Third Annual Cocktail Challenge at the Motley Rice Building where bartenders competed to create the best Cachaça drink. On Saturday night, I went to Theatre 99 to watch Moral Fixation and Cleaver Feaver compete in a cage match. Cleaver Feaver won 69 to 56 and everyone had a lot of laughs. After that, I went to see Sol Driven Train at Cumberland’s. The local band always puts on a fun performance and I certainly enjoyed myself.


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