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My jazz-filled Tuesday night started out at Redux where a few friends and I went to see The Fast Citizens with Keefe Jackson, a different kind of jazz than what I’m used to. Very modern. After the show, we went to Porgy’s Other Place for some more jazz. This little bar opened last spring in the old Lite Affair on Calhoun Street and offers frequent live jazz, food, and of course, libations. On Thursday, I went to the Real Estate Studio on King Street for a fundraiser for the Charleston Symphony Orchestra. The crowd didn’t seem as large as they were expecting, but I think everyone had a nice time, and I hope they raised some money. Friday night, I went by the Black Cart, Julio Cotto’s new bar above Joe Pasta. They were hosting a Red Party to benefit AIDS victims in Africa. On Sunday, I went to the Shrimpin’ and Shaggin’ Festival at the Maritime Center. I wrapped my weekend up with a few beers and a lot of football at Charleston Beer Works Sunday afternoon.


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