Please Give

Rated R 90 min. 2010

Whiny, self-absorbed urban yuppies? Yes, please! Especially if the director doing the ethnographic surveying is Nicole Holofcener (Friends with Money, Lovely and Amazing). Catherine Keener stars in the very funny black comedy Please Give as Kate, a Manhattan mid-century modern furniture dealer. Her job is to wait for elderly New Yorkers to kick the bucket so she can cherry-pick their chairs, tables, and the like, all the while playing cool in front of their heirs about the true value of the furniture. Kate and her chubster husband Alex (Oliver Platt) also live next door to the cranky, elderly Andra (Ann Morgan Guilbert), whose imminent death will mean they can finally realize their Manhattan real estate dreams of expanding their apartment. But because her agony is all self-inflicted (and self-serving), Kate’s pathos comes across as comedy more than anything. Holofcener uses Kate’s “pain” as an evisceration of the absurd neuroses that drive upper-middle-class city folk with nothing more urgent to fret about. A fascinating keyhole into white, liberal guilt and how it can make people blind to the suffering and moments of grace going on right under their noses even as they wring their hands over larger, grander sorrows, Please Give is truly a film for our age; it’s darkly comic stuff from a mistress of the miserable-urbanites genre.

Film Credits

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Director: Nicole Holofcener

Writer: Nicole Holofcener

Producer: Anthony Bregman

Cast: Catherine Keener, Amanda Peet, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Rebecca Hall, Kevin Corrigan, Oliver Platt, Lois Smith, Ann Morgan Guilbert, Elizabeth Berridge and Rebecca Budig


Please Give

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