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A picture puzzle of penny-pinching


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Even though you may be living on your parent’s dime, they’re still not going to be OK with recurring charges from, oh, say, Peninsula Grill. It’s always good to have a few inexpensive eateries in your speed dial or on the walking list for those nights when you need to step away from the dining hall and get out into the big, bad world of downtown eateries. To help you locate some good places to start your quest, try to match the pictures with the restaurants they represent using the clues below.


A.C.’s Bar and Grill 1.____
Andolini’s 2.____
Bubba Slye’s 3.____
Chopsticks House 4.____
Cumberland’s 5.____
Five Loaves Café 6.____
Jim ’N Nick’s 7.____
Juanita Greenberg’s 8.____
Kickin’ Chicken 9.____
La Hacienda 10.____
Mellow Mushroom 11.____
Moe’s Southwest Grill 12.____
Papa Zuzu’s 13.____
Shi Ki 14.____
Sushi Hiro 15.____
Vickery’s 16.____

A. Watch them carve your gyro lamb right off the spit and grab a Nehi soda here

B. Get a New York-style slice, a salad, and a drink for $6 every day at lunchtime

C. Scarf down a Screamin’ Demon at this sandwich shop, which recently moved from Beaufain to King street

D. Stuff yourself like a pig with pig ... or beef ... or cheese biscuits ... at this Alabama-based BBQ joint

E. Get a $1 mystery beer and a Black and Blue burger here before heading to Granny’s (Goodies)

F. Pick up your chopsticks and put some wasabi on a rainbow roll at this King Street sushi joint

G. Check out some local bands Thurs.-Sat. nights while getting your poultry fix

H. Have a super crunch roll with your sake at this piquant East Bay Street locale

I. Join the 100 Beers Club and chow down on the ’Credible Hulk either upstairs or downstairs

J. Dig on the $1 black-eyed pea fritters during happy hour and catch a breeze on the patio

K. They roll ’em big and give you a hearty welcome at this Tex-Mex establishment

L. Get your quesadilla on and enjoy it with some pico (which comes with everything here)

M. Don’t worry about waking up early to grab delicious brunch at this late-night hot spot — they serve it until 4 p.m. on Sundays

N. Have some cheap margaritas and all the chips and salsa you can choke down at this popular Mexican restaurante

O. Try three different soups, along with a hearty 1/2 salad or sandwich, at this bastion of freshness on Cannon Street

P. Mingle with General Tso after delivery from this Asian restaurant

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