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Pounce Cafe will deliver a basket of kittens and coffee to your office for the holidays

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Nothing says "I think you're awesome and you deserve the best the world has to offer" like a basket of kittens delivered straight to your home or office. Pounce Cat Cafe, Charleston's only cafe filled with adoptable kittens, is now booking 30 minute kitten cuddle sessions for $100. 
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Tues. Dec. 5 and Wed. Dec. 6 you can book a delivery of five to six kittens, hot coffee, and holiday treats. The kittens on the deliveries, like of the cafe's clowder, are up for adoption.

Co-owner Ashley Brooks says right now they're just "testing out" the service to see what the demand is, but they may do another round closer to Xmas and also around Valentine's Day. 
Who wouldn't want to see these guys under the tree?? - PROVIDED
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  • Who wouldn't want to see these guys under the tree??

If $100 sounds a little pricey (for comparison, Uber sporadic kitten delivery service starts at $30 for 15 mins), consider the precious cargo that is being delivered. Ever tried herding cats? Plus, if you fall madly in love with one of meow cats, you can fill out paperwork during the delivery and pick the kitten up at the end of the day. Merry Christmas to you.
Sweet baby angels - PROVIDED
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  • Sweet baby angels

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