Priest 3D

Rated PG-13 87 min. 2011

The film is based on a series of Korean graphic novels, and to prove this, it opens with some really crude animations explaining that mankind has always had a problem getting along with vampires. While that seems on the self-evident side, all this is necessary to set up the idea of a world in which man — with the aid of the Church and their special breed of vampire killer priests — has supposedly vanquished the creatures after a bloodsucking apocalypse and barricaded themselves into fantastical walled cities, ruled by said (now corrupt) Church. Anyway, the Church has also disbanded the priests and sent them back into society. Meanwhile, out in the real world, the vampires have been busy regrouping and descend upon the Pace family in their humble Wild West-style cabin, making off with young Lucy (Lily Collins). This prompts Lucy’s boyfriend, Sheriff Hicks (the indispensable Cam Gigandet), to seek out her uncle, who — wouldn’t you know it? — is one of them thar retired priests (in this case Paul Bettany). He urges him to take up his vampire fighting ways and save Lucy. Naturally, Priest (as he’s billed) defies the Church and sets out to play like this is The Searchers with vampires. It’s not just The Searchers, though. There’s a Vampire with No Name (Karl Urban) right out of Sergio Leone, which is somewhat confusing, since Bettany uses a Clint Eastwood “make my day” voice. There’s a bunch of Wild West stuff, a trainload of newly-minted vampires hanging in slightly disgusting birth sacs, motorcycle action, a whole mess of physically impossible stunts, a huge explosion, and a brief appearance by Brad Dourif as the holy water equivalent of a snake-oil salesman. Wow!

Film Credits

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Director: Scott Stewart

Writer: Cory Goodman and Min-Woo Hyung

Producer: Michael De Luca, Joshua Donen, Mitchell Peck and Sam Raimi

Cast: Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, Cam Gigandet, Maggie Q, Lily Collins, Brad Dourif, Stephen Moyer and Christopher Plummer


Priest 3D

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