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MB Road Trip!

Coming up at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach: Col Bruce Hampton (ret.) and the Aquarium Rescue Unit play some funky Georgia freak-outs on Fri. Nov. 10. The newly-solidified INXS (with TV reality show recruitment JD Fortune on lead vocals) perform on Sat. Nov. 18. Check the full schedule at


One of the hardest-working bar bands in town, Big Black Building, have called it a day. The twangy guitar-rock quartet worked with a varied repertoire of classic rock, outlaw country, alternative, and metal tunes – plus more than two albums' worth of original material (they released a nine-song collection in 2000 titled Tested and an 11-song disc in 2005 titled Take a Chance). In a formal announcement (see dated Oct. 26, the band wrote: "After nine very fulfilling years, Big Black Building is moving in a new direction. We want to thank all of our very faithful and dedicated friends, families, fans, and venues for making this such an incredible ride. We hope that you will stay tuned to all of our individual endeavors so we plan to keep this site up as a reference and link to each of our current projects. On behalf of all members of BBB both past and present we want to express our sincere gratitude for your loyalty thru the years." Lead singer and guitarist Chris Sullivan had already been playing a number of weekly solo shows around the Charleston area and will pursue a career as a solo artist. Details about his forthcoming album and live gigs are available online at No word on what rock action guitarist John Melnick, bassist Adam Irick, and drummer Adam Bradley might be up to.


Newly-established funk/rock cover band Solar Circus have officially changed their band name to The Fifth of Four. The quartet – keyboardist Abram Jackson, guitarist Andy Greenberg, bassist Ben Maddox, and drummer Tom Fulford – formed over the summer to "play funky music for everyone." Their next local gig is at Charleston Beer Works on Fri. Nov. 10. Check for tunes and info.

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