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Quaint Queen Street Grocery

A corner store for eco-conscious foodies


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Tucked away on the corner of Queen and Logan streets is neighborhood favorite Queen Street Grocery. While the store has been there since 1922, having brief stints as a butcher shop, candy shop, convenience store, and bar, it's recent appearance is a grocery store, offering local organic produce from Fields Farm, a vast selection of beer and wine, fresh bread from Normandy Farm, and other necessities like toilet paper and granola bars. However, the grocer is perhaps better known as a superb place to indulge in crepes, salads, and smoothies.

When co-owners Hank Weed and Mary Wutz took over Queen Street Grocery in August 2008, they gave it a complete makeover.

"We felt like the neighborhood needed something like this," Weed says. "It brings the neighborhood together and gives them a sense of community." They have achieved this community by embracing local business, offering goods like GraWnola bars from Hanahan, coffee from Mt. Pleasant, and Nicole's Nutty Bars from West Ashley.

Most importantly though, Weed and Wutz won the locals over with their incredible sweet and savory crepes. Two savory house favorites are the Capers, which includes egg, cheddar, red bell peppers, and onions, and the Kiawah, which meld pesto with mozzarella and tomato. While delicious, the savory crepes don't quite hit the spot like the sweet ones, which offer ingredients like chocolate chips, caramel, cinnamon, and brown sugar. Their smoothies and salads aren't a bad pick either, using all fresh ingredients and leaving out the syrupy fillers.

The store itself also offers a different feel than it has in the past. Weed and Wutz have let their environmentally conscious nature guide the design process, restoring their main counter from the Cigar Factory when it closed and using eco-friendly tables made by friend Matt Brown, who constructed them from local poplar and walnut, both sustainable woods that are hearty and fast growing.

In addition, Queen Street Grocery took part in the CarrotMob last April, and they've made significant environmental changes to the building. Improvements included sealing floors, walls, condensing their coolers to one room, and creating a self-contained exhaust can for the beer cave to keep the warm air out. Wutz said the changes have cut down on their monthly energy bill by 40-60 percent a month.

If the yummy fruits, microbrews, local emphasis, and free Wi-Fi isn't enough to entice a visit on its own, Queen Street Grocery hosts regular wine tastings and events to lure you in.

Kitchen Hours

M-Sat: 10am-5pm

Sun: 11am-3pm

Store Hours

M-Sat: 8am-8:30pm

Sun: 11am-6pm


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