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"This stuff does happen, and it's stupid. Who isn't a reporter these days?"

Kelly McBride, a senior faculty member with the Poynter Institute in Florida and co-leader of Poynter Ethics Fellows, on the initial removal of media from a Charleston Tea Party forum with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.). Source: The Post and Courier

97.2 percent

That's the cost-of-living index in Charleston County, nearly 3 percent below the national average among the 314 largest urban areas. Source: WCDB News 2

"We're the only state with a port on the East Coast that has no money in the U.S. Senate to deepen our harbor."

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on the desperate need for $400,000 to study deepening the Charleston harbor. The effort would be a first step toward a $300 million project that is necessary to keep South Carolina's ports competitive with other East Coast states. Source: The Post and Courier


The cost to North Charleston's taxpayers for a new service that maps crime in the city. Bair Software is offering the service for free, aside from manpower to put in the data regarding the crimes and locations. The company is hoping it will draw attention to other analysis software that does cost money. Source: The Post and Courier

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