Red Light Rodeo on the Deck

When: Sat., Oct. 4 2014

bluegrass, 6:30 p.m.

Ever since George Clooney was a Dapper Dan man in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?, Virginia’s Red Light Rodeo has noticed a rise in the bluegrass genre. “We think that in a way, the older, more rural music is appealing to a lot of folks today as a push against what’s happening with mainstream pop,” says bassist Zach Hudgins. “Many people would rather hear acoustic instruments, hand-crafted songs, and vocal harmonies as opposed to sounds from a computer, songs written by a committee, and auto-tuned voices.” Red Light Rodeo recently released the hilariously titled Nothing But the Nuts, an honest and catchy EP that pays homage to bluegrass’ roots. “We toyed with ideas of production and extra instrumentation, but after learning a new phrase, ‘Nothing but the nuts,’ we knew we had to record just that — a stripped-down, raw version of our sound that gets folks’ hands clapping and feet stomping,” Hudgins says. Red Light Rodeo is a breath of clean country air for both listeners as well as the band itself. “It helps us to deal with the stressful side of life,” says Hudgins. “We can’t imagine going about our lives in any other way, and we highly recommend it to everyone.” —J. Chapa SATURDAY

Price: free

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