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Redux cashes in on the vinyl doll craze

Right on the Munny



Charleston's scenester elite turned out in full force at Redux Contemporary Art Center for the second annual Munny Show on Friday night. The art show/auction featured 25 munny dolls painted by local artists like Jarod Charzewski, Sheepman, Ishmael, and Julio Cotto. Don't know what a Munny doll is? (Pshh.) Well, they're the latest craze among artsy, vinyl toy lovin' types; the blank doll is a canvas on which they can paint, drill, add accessories, or do whatever their imaginations dream up. The sweaty, tightly-packed crowd at Redux bid on everything from a bong-shaped Munny to Joker- and Mario-inspired Munnys to a downright creepy lookin' dude by Charleston native turned San Fran golden boy Kevin Taylor, which earned the record bid of $420. B'zar owner Gustavo Serrano, largely recognized for bringing the dolls to town with his NYC-flavored shop, played auctioneer, surrounded by a bevy of young hipsters-in-training. It was good to see such a young crowd out supporting the arts — even if it's doubtful that this fad will last long enough to have a Munny Show III — and the event raised over $5,000 for Redux's education outreach programs. Cha-ching!

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