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Redux offers a glimpse of artists in their natural habitat

Open Doors


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Redux hosted their Open Studios event on Saturday afternoon, and it was the perfect time to see some of Charleston’s art community in their natural habitats. A mixture of painters, sculptors, graphic artists, and even silversmiths shared their spaces with the public.

“We do an open studio event twice a year,” said Karen Ann Myers, Redux’s executive director. “We’re one of the only places in Charleston combining a gallery and studio spaces under one roof. This is a great way for the public to see what the artists are currently working on.”

The atmosphere was decidedly less formal than a traditional art opening. Folks walked from one studio to the next, sipping spiked holiday punch and munching on sweet and savory snacks. We even got to go upstairs. It felt like a privilege to watch everyone working on projects and to view raw, sometimes incomplete works. They were beautiful in their honesty.

I felt a little shy poking my head into what seemed like such a private space, but each artist was warm and welcoming, eager to answer questions about their craft. Silversmith Kaminer Haislip had everything from cutlery to necklaces on display, and in another studio, Lulie Wallace worked on a still-life of flowes.

Down the hall, Karin Olah positioned swatches of colorful fabric on paper, preparing for a collage. Her large studio was filled with textiles, plus books and art for inspiration. “This back corner is a great place to be,” Olah said, looking around at the stacks of textiles, books, and art. “I love it here.”


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