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Release: Paintings by Jessica Dunegan and Michelle Jader

When: June 7-30 2013

We can always count on Robert Lange Studios to mount thoughtful, quality shows, and Release is no different. The exhibit pairs two painters, Michelle Jader and Jessica Dunegan, who share a focus on freedom of spirit as well as strikingly unique painting techniques. “Jader custom-cuts acrylic panels, stacks them on top of each other, and paints on each layer,” RLS co-owner Megan Lange says. “Dunegan pours unsolidified resin onto a transparent piece of film and before it drys, swirls it in wet paint. The result of Dunegan’s process is that the paint appears suspended in the resin, while with Jader’s process the figures appear to be free-falling from the foreground to the background of the painting.” Many of Dunegan’s paintings in this show depict a subject moving in water, and she spent considerable time taking underwater photographs so she’d have accurate photo models to work from. Likewise, Jader took pictures of herself jumping on trampolines in order to paint her free falling subjects. That emphasis on movement seen in both artists’ works is part of what inspired Megan and Robert Lange to show them together. “There are a lot of artists that create very tentative strokes while painting, but both Michelle and Jessica create works that feel free,” Megan says.

Elizabeth Pandolfi

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