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Remembering Shane Whiddon




 admit, I haven't eaten at Virginia's recently. With the rush of new restaurant openings, I haven't made the time to check back in. So, unfortunately, I can't speak to who Shane Whiddon, the chef who was killed last week by a disgruntled dishwasher, really was. But others can. Friday morning, after the police tape had been removed and the door of the King Street restaurant was boarded up, I asked some people in F&B to share their thoughts about Shane. Michelle Weaver, Executive Chef of Charleston Grill and the chef's former boss, was one of the first to respond. I can't stop thinking about what she had to say:

"I was fortunate enough to witness the chef he was becoming, his passion for his craft, and love of this industry. I was a very proud 'Mama.' I also witnessed him falling head over heels in love with Shannon. She was the peas to his carrots. Truly a match made in heaven. And then watch as they both welcomed their first child. And then a second. Shane was a father, a husband, and a chef. He put everything he was into being the best at all three."

May his family find peace in his passing. —Kinsey Gidick


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