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Thurs. Oct. 20
w/ The Explorers Club
Charleston Southern University, Strom Thurmond Center

After the release of Regretfully Yours and the single "Sucked Out" (a hit video on MTV's 120 Minutes series), Knoxville power-pop rock quartet Superdrag became the Oasis of the Appalachians and splashed some melody and pepper into the droning indie/alt scene. Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist John Davis -- a shaggy-haired guy who is not afraid to let his British Invasion rock influences show -- led the band through a decade of tours and sessions before going solo in recent years. Davis moved to Nashville in 2003, embraced a cleaner, faith-led lifestyle, and started writing and recording new material. Twelve gems landed on his new, self-tiled album. "I was writing songs that wouldn't really have fit on a Superdrag record," he says. "When I first started writing songs, my tendency was to always try to be clever and come up with some unusual way of saying whatever it was I wanted to say. As time went by, I started trying to narrow it down." --T. Ballard Lesemann THURSDAY

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