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Salt + Stem Flower Co.: The wandering flower truck

Fresh flowers for everyone


Little bundles of happiness - SALT + STEM FLOWER CO.
  • Salt + Stem Flower Co.
  • Little bundles of happiness
Salt + Stem Flower Co. started with the intention of bringing "a little piece of happiness" to the community. And they're doing just that.

Owner and founder Daniella Motley started the wandering flower truck in July of 2019 after her father passed away. Although she still has her day job, Motley wanted to follow her passion, and flowers just made sense. "I always loved giving flowers as a gift," Motley says, "fresh flowers are a form of self-care for others."

And Salt + Stem puts those words into action. They highlight how supportive and welcoming the Charleston community is, so they wanted to give back: Salt + Stem has already stopped by the senior living home Sweetgrass Village and given out free flowers.

They aren't going anywhere either. When asked about hitting up other cities, Motley says Salt + Stem plans on staying in Charleston for a while, "we just love our community."

They buy locally, too — 80 percent of their inventory comes from Yuri Hana Flower Farm, just outside Conway, S.C.

You can find where Salt + Stem will be posted up by following their Instagram. But you'll also be able to find them wandering around in their '72 white F100 Ranger XLT pick-up truck.

Motley actually helped build that truck herself. And she's proud to own a vintage pick-up, just like her late grandfather once did.

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