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Sandinistas! w/ Barton Beckham, The Magic Bronson Horns, Bizarro Burlesque

When: Fri., June 26 2009

Click on the iTunes icon on your laptop, hit the store, and, let’s say, search for the latest album by the Jonas Brothers, Lines, Vines, and Trying Times. Wow, four and a half stars. That’s impressive. Who knew the Bros. had it in them? Not anyone at City Paper HQ, that’s for sure. Based on reviewer submitted star ratings, Lines, Vines, and Trying Times is right up there with The Clash’s London Calling, which at one point was averaging out at four and half stars among iTunes reviewers. (It’s now up to five stars, thanks in part, perhaps, to a plea from one Clash fan who begged the question, “Why the hell is this album four and a half stars? It’s literally the seventh greatest album made in music history. Five stars.”) While the numerical ranking of London Calling in a list of the greatest albums of the rock ’n’ roll era can surely be debated, there’s no doubting that this career-making double-album from The Clash is one of the all-time greats. The diversity on this one is amazing — it’s got dub, it’s got punk rock, it’s got pop, it’s got swing. Which is why this week’s show by Sandinistas! is so ambitious. Henry Fishburne (drums), Eric Atwood (bass), and Kevin McCrary (vocals, guitar), and Chris Oplinger (vocals, guitar) will play London Calling in its entirety. And when that’s done they’ll play another stretch of Clash songs. Joining Sandinistas! are the Magic Bronson Horns and keyboardist Barton Beckham of Tough Mama.

Price: $10

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