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SCOOP hosts an ironically tame reception

Keg Party



You know it’s going to be a prosperous night for local art when you spot artist Nathan Durfee biking down Broad Street, rushing to get out of the rain and SCOOP Studios. The rapid downpour and flooding Charleston streets may have kept some away from Joel Parker’s Rite of Passage opening reception, but it was a joyous group inside of the cozy gallery on Broad Street.

Many in Charleston became familiar with Parker’s work after hearing him speak at Pecha Kucha 6 this May. Parker uses Renaissance painting techniques to depict modern scenes of college parties — and the revelers are completely nude. The artist mingled with the crowd and talked about his work. The wine-sipping crowd stood in contrast to the bacchanalian college scenes reflected in his work, but I’m guessing most visitors could relate, as conversations turned to keg stands and tailgates.

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