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Shark Week

When: July 30-Aug. 8 2010

Some people wait all year for their birthdays. Others, for Christmas (or possibly Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or Chinese New Year). And the geekier, less materialistic among us anticipate Shark Week. Every summer, the Discovery Channel dedicates a week of programming to the sometimes-dangerous fish; this year, it starts on Aug. 1. Locally, the S.C. Aquarium will host its own fintastic celebration. After you watch a terrifying TV show with a name like Shark Bite Beach, head downtown and observe the creatures from the safe side of their Great Ocean Tank. The Aquarium will also have shark-themed dive shows, interactive activities (like a “Sharkeology” dig for fossils), and children’s crafts. They’ll be giving away a special shark silly band (an animal-shaped rubber band), which will look a heck of a lot better on your kid’s arm than a bite mark. The Aquarium will also host a special outdoor screening of Jaws on Aug. 5. —Susan Cohen

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