She's Out of My League

Rated R 104 min. 2010

“Bargain basement Judd Apatow” is the best descriptor for Jim Field Smith’s She’s Out of My League. It’s the same formula, a romantic comedy peopled by slackers who come out on top, but not before some heartfelt character growth and a smattering of R-rated hijinks. The strange thing is that the makers almost get it right. That “almost” is the rub, however. The plot follows the usual romcom blueprint — boy meet girl in an out-of-leftfield situation, romance sprouts, but misunderstandings occur to muck everything up, just to be tidied up in the final reel. It’s a concept that’s been dug up and dusted off more than dinosaur bones, and here there is nary a surprise or shock to be found. We get Jay Baruchel as Kirk, an underachieving, dorky airport security agent, who meets the supposedly stunningly beautiful Molly (Alice Eve). There’s nothing all that knee-slappingly hilarious in the film, and the humor rarely rises above the realm of amusing. Somehow, this is a bit of a small victory. As a whole, the film is harmless and painless. Sure, I suppose there’s something to be said for that, but this is the movies we’re talking about, not dental surgery, so call it a tepid endorsement at best.

Film Credits

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Director: Jim Field Smith

Writer: Sean Anders and Timothy Dowling

Producer: Jimmy Miller and David Householter

Cast: Jasika Nicole, Jay Baruchel, Lindsay Sloane, Krysten Ritter, Mike Vogel, Geoff Stults, Nate Torrence, Hayes MacArthur, Alice Eve and T.J. Miller


She's Out of My League

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