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Skye Paige and the Original Recipe

When: Fri., Aug. 12 2011

If local artist Skye Paige has a favorite letter of the alphabet, chances are it's B. That letter figures heavily into Paige's life these days. To start with, B is for "blues band," as in the Original Recipe. Local fans familiar with Paige's music know she plays a mean slide guitar and writes songs that challenge the "it's a man's world" notion while also keeping her tongue firmly in her lovely cheek. The Original Recipe currently features lead guitarist Bradley MacLean, bassist Michael Dumas, and drummer Pat Queen. For fans of swampy, fuzzed-out blues guitar music, Skye and her boys deliver. B is also for "burlesque.” Bizarro Burlesque to be precise. Known for her taste in vintage clothing, Paige brings something a little extra to her striptease performances as a member of the local burlesque troupe. She's a standout when she sings or strums a ukulele while stripping down to her unmentionables. Finally, B is for "broad-minded," which sums up Paige's musical tastes. Sure, she can play a mean blues riff, but Paige can handle vintage country, rockabilly, and jazz styles, too. "I don't want to be pigeonholed as just a blues artist," she says. "There is a lot I want to do musically." Paige recorded her latest studio album, Whole Lotta Woman, with the help of members of Louisiana bar-rock band Dash Rip Rock. It has sold nearly a thousand copies — not bad for an independent local release.

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