Sound & Shape w/ Baak Gwai

When: Thu., Jan. 22 2009

Here’s the thing about electricity — it’s shocking. Put a fork in an outlet. You’ll get a good jolt. Fly a kite in the middle of a thunder storm. Zap. Take a ride on ol’ Sparky the electric chair. So long and thanks for all the fish. Prog rock, on the other hand, isn’t that shocking. From King Crimson to Yes to Mars Volta, it can be predictable stuff — well, once you overlook all the weird time changes, the way, way out there lyrics, and the acrobatic musical wankery. On second though, prog ain’t so predictable after all. The guys in Sound & Shape can testify to that. This trio, featuring vocalist/guitarist Ryan Caudle, percussionist Jerry Pentecost, and bassist David C. Somerall, are set to give folks at the Tin Roof a genuine jolt of math rockery. When asked to describe the band’s sound, Caudle says, “It’s aggressive. Powerful. Dynamic. Emotional. But at the same time, how we describe our music doesn’t really help the listener. Everyone hears something different, and it’s how they choose to interpret the music which provides the true description.” Sound & Shape is currently touring in support of their EP The Love Electric, which hits the streets Jan. 27. Caudle, for one, isn’t a fan of the prog rock label. “Progressive rock is really not a genre any more. It’s an outlook on music,” he says. “All music should be progressive.” —Chris Haire

Price: $5

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