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SOUND CHECKS ‌ Notable Shows in the Next Week


Fri. March 10
The Windjammer
$7 ($12 18+)

While Atlanta-based singer/songwriter Corey Smith's heartfelt songs fit nicely into the contemporary "Americana" category, the unpolished, subtle twang of his singing voice and guitar style creates a country-blues-inspired sound that is unique. The 28-year-old grew up in Jefferson, Ga. — just north of Athens — playing guitar as a youngster and singing a wide variety of tunes through high school. A recent UGA graduate, he spent several years teaching high school in Suwanee, Ga., but recently "eased back into the music scene," showcasing his original music at numerous open mic nights around Atlanta and the region. In 2003, he recorded and released his first proper full-length, a laid-back collection titled Undertones. Encouraged by positive response, he recorded and released the follow-up, In the Mood. Expect some soulful songs and cheerfully meandering string work this evening. —T. Ballard Lesemann FRIDAY


ROCK BURLESQUE | "A Nightmare on the Town"
w/ The Cryptkeeper Five, The Green Goblyn Project, Resistance
Fri. March 10

In a triumphant return, seven-piece psychobilly band The Cryptkeeper Five headline a ghoulish night of sex, grease, fishnet stockings, and rock 'n' roll. The band earned a loyal following on the East Coast playing a theatrical style of horror-punk and recently expanded their audience with a "broadened rockabilly sound" that includes piano and saxophone. They perform tonight's event — organized by local burlesque enthusiast Kacy Kind (pictured with the band above) — in support of their latest release, Pomade, Switchblades and Their Goddamn Rock & Roll. Florida four-piece The Green Goblyn Project consider themselves "a four-headed monstrosity with a Southern swampish rock sound." Their latest disc is an outta-this-world 17-song collection titled The Secret World of Parasites (Bony Orbit). Opening act Resistance — featuring vocalist Cami Kind (Kacy's sis) — were previously known as The Rack & the Rods. Their aggressive rock sound is inspired by such punk pioneers as the Misfits, Agent, Orange, and Social Distortion. —TBL FRIDAY


AMERICANA-ROCK | The Cartridge Family

w/ Shellshag
Sat. March 11
The Village Tavern

No-nonsense N.C. rock quartet The Cartridge Family specialize in twangy, scroungy Americana-rock with a hint of Faces-style soul. Keyboardist/guitarist Joe Rechel, drummer Stephen Gardner, bassist C. J. Irwin, and keyboardist Greg Rice formed in Raleigh not long ago and recently released a gritty, 11-song debut titled Here Come The Rock Stars (Squaretiles). Although the lo-fi setting and loose performances sound leagues away from their major label comrades, a sense of confidence and purpose pervades the entire set of tunes. "[It's] a mix of swaggering Stonesy country-rawk and rocket-fuel British Invasion garage rock {that] blasts like a demolition crew covering 'Pomp & Circumstance,' or The Drive-By Truckers taking on The Faces," says hometown music critic Chris Parker, of the Independent Weekly. Producer Rob Farris' roomy sound makes it seem like the quartet just pulled up to your house and set up in the kitchen for a quick session. —TBL SATURDAY


ACOUSTIC JAM-ROCK | Michael Glabicki

w/ Graham Whorley
Sun. March 12
The Pour House

Known best for his work as singer and frontman for Pittsburgh-based jam band Rusted Root, singer/guitarist Michael Glabicki visits the Pour House stage this week behind his new solo album, Uprooted. Popular for their unique style of mixing groovy pop themes with African and Latin instrumentation, Rusted Root's worldly sound put them on the charts in the mid '90s. Glabicki's solo work, however, aims in a more modern rock direction. "During the time I was putting together my studio and involved in the writing process for my new solo record, I had the chance to revisit some of the songs that Rusted Root was performing live," he says. "Listening to these tracks in a new environment inspired me. It's a little bit more out and in your face. It's not so community-oriented and jolly. It's a little more intimate material." Local singer/guitarist Graham Whorley (of Iridescent Sol/GWB) opens with a soulful "loop show." —TBL SUNDAY

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