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Southern Belle Stars


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Thee Southern Belle’s advertisements have been a City Paper staple almost since the beginning. Although the “stripper” ads on the last few pages have gotten us banned from a few distribution spots and prayed for by the Baptists, we don’t mind them at all. We’re certainly not going to discriminate in choosing our advertisers. Over the years, the Belle has hosted three midgets, the world’s third largest pair of breasts, a sausage-swallowing queen, and a “Big Hot Mama” contest for ladies “built like a brick house.” The impressive Crystal Gunns may be their most frequently featured attraction, visiting regularly since 2002. It wasn’t until visit number four, in the June 9, 2004 issue, however, that readers got a peek at the famed mammaries. She last came to town in February of this year, and there they were, here in the final pages of the paper, in full display. Raise a beer to the Belle, where you can always bring your own.


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