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Spoleto partiers show Traces cast some Southern hospitality

Without a Trace



After more than two weeks of Spoleto soirées and performances, our dancing shoes were looking a bit a worn on Saturday but we didn’t want to miss the last Spoleto party of the year. We pulled out our last clean cocktail dress and headed to a Legare Street residence to celebrate the rousing Traces performance from the Quebec-based troupe, Les 7 Doigts de la Main.

While we may have been a bit bleary-eyed, the crowd at the party was anything but. Invigorated by the acrobatic performance, the partygoers were in full revelry mode. The young, athletic performers were arriving as we walked up and SuSu Ravenel cheerfully welcomed us into the fête.

The evening was a perfect example of a Southern midnight garden party: white globe lights hung from the trees, hydrangeas were lit in pink, and chic bistro furnishings dotted the well-manicured lawn. The giant wrap-around porch was even set with rocking chairs for those looking for a pause and a breeze. The food and beverage options also swayed to the South as waiters passed out fried chicken in mini waffle cones and a pink (vodka-spiked) lemonade.

The society crowd mingled in the warm summer night, discussing their Finale plans at Middleton Place and snapping photographs with the performers. We overheard a group of ladies chatting that the young, nubile acrobats’ moves on stage had them swooning harder than the latest Fifty Shades of Grey novel. As the night wore on, small groups gathered in the far reaches of the garden to sit amongst the manicured hedges and rest their heels while contemplating another glass of wine and the end of yet another Spoleto festival.

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