Step Up Revolution

Rated PG-13 100 min. 2012

Step Up Revolution (PG-13) Step Up Revolution is by no measure a good movie, but this is to be expected from the fourth film in an already hairy series. The film attempts to make up for these shortcomings with a heavy dose of topicality and purpose. In this case, the film echoes the sentiments of Occupy Wall Street, but with the ludicrous addition of dance numbers, positing for the first time that the revolution will be Dougie'd. Even though the film eventually cops out when it comes to the ideals it spouts, Revolution at least has the sense to take cues from Step Up 3D and be — at the very least — stupid enough never to be boring. The movie takes place in Miami, where our hero Sean (Ryan Guzman) is a waiter by day and member of a flash mob cleverly named The Mob in his free time. The Mob's whole purpose is to stage public stunts, like shutting down a street or infiltrating an art gallery for dance numbers, all of in the name of YouTube hits, and a large amount of contest money to boot. But things get serious when Sean learns his neighborhood's about to be turned into a resort by greedy developer Mr. Anderson (Peter Gallagher). But with the help of Anderson's disaffected daughter Emily (Kathryn McCormick), Sean concocts a plan to push The Mob into the world of "protest art" and save his — and his friends' —home. That's pretty much it and it's every bit as vapid as that sounds, but at least the movie seems to know it. —Justin Souther

Film Credits

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Director: Scott Speer

Writer: Jenny Mayer

Producer: Patrick Wachsberger, Erik Feig, Adam Shankman, Jennifer Gibgot, Garret Grant and Jon M. Chu

Cast: Ryan Guzman, Kathryn McCormick, Misha Gabriel, Peter Gallagher, Stephen Boss, Chadd Smith, Megan Boone, Jessica Guadix, Cleopatra Coleman and Tommy Dewey


Step Up Revolution

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