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Steve Hofstetter releases free copies of album

Comedian set to perform at Patricks Pub April 13



You may know Steve Hofstetter from his visits to various radio circuits, the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, or for his columns in Sports Illustrated. You may also know him as a writer for

In celebration of his upcoming TV special, which will start filming in the summer, Hofstetter is releasing a million downloads of his album, The Dark Side of the Room (2008), for free. And who doesn’t love free legal downloads?

It’s been about three years since Hofstetter performed in the Holy City, the venue being at the College of Charleston. “I love Charleston. I love how it looks modern and historical at the same time. Usually it’s one or the other.” You can catch Hofstetter at Patrick’s Pub on April 13 at 8 p.m. Admission is $17. For more information, visit

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